Unagi Bali Handicraft & Painting

Bali is a place where art, culture, religion and people mingle together to form a harmony. This unique blend serves as the root for the creation of what has been developed and grown into Arts and Crafts industry really beautiful.

These art products were growing into a souvenir and some as items for interior decoration. And now days it has became one of biggest exported product from Bali, and we are one of the suppliers in Bali which is been existed since 90’s.

We capable to manage big export to US, Europe, Australia, Africa and some to neighborhood countries in Asia. Check out our online product’s catalog to find favorite souvenir or interior decoration for private room / houses.

if you interested to be an Asian product reseller in your country, we will be your trusted supplier for long term.
we’ve been experienced for years in this business, by choosing us you know you have made the right decision